Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is responsible for the design, development and execution of community outreach efforts on behalf of the Governing Board.

Allison Price, Chair

Director of Marketing & Community
Open Infrastructure Foundation

Allison runs Marketing and Community at the OpenInfra Foundation. For eight years, she’s been collaborating with global open source communities, learning from operators running the projects in production, meeting the developers building the software and telling their stories for the world to learn from.


Pratik Das

Staff Manager, Technical Marketing

Pratik Das is a Staff Manager in Technical Marketing at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. He works with 5G infrastructure topics like private networks, vRAN, open RAN, multi-access edge compute, industrial IoT, and 5G in unlicensed spectrum. Prior to marketing, Pratik had 15 years of cellular networking experience in wireless R&D, technical sales, network design, operations, and maintenance. Pratik has a PhD in electrical engineering from The University of Newcastle in Australia and a bachelor's degree in information engineering from Massey University in New Zealand.

Phil Ritter

Contractor to Facebook Connectivity

Phil Ritter spent nearly 30 years at a US based Tier 1 Wireless Service Provider, designing and deploying network core and transport systems starting with Analog Cellular (AMPS) through each generation of digital wireless systems (2g -> 5g), eventually serving as their national Director of Network Planning for the wireless data core systems and then Director of Network Virtualization Planning before taking an early retirement. In his role as Planning Director Phil led the deployment of the network core systems for the first nationwide 4G-LTE network in the USA. After a brief period of relaxation he returned to the workforce, Joining the Magma team as Community Manager for the Magma Core Foundation. Phil holds a BS Computer Science from the University of California at Irvine and spent about 10 years doing software development on various communications system projects prior his work developing wireless networks.

Jeff Hodge

Vapor IO


Prabhjot Singh Sethi

Senior Member Technical Staff
Aarna Networks

Prabhjot is Senior Member Technical Staff at Aarna Networks, responsible for delivery of some of the key components for Aarna Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform(AMCOP) that is based on EMCO and LF Networking project ONAP. where AMCOP plays a vital role in enabling Private 5G deployment solutions for Aarna Networks.
Prior to Aarna, Prabhjot has worked extensively in the domain of SDN and traditional routing/switch platforms, providing solutions using various open source projects ODL, VPP, OpenVswitch, Istio along with being one of the early key contributors to Tungsten Fabric. He has also extended his services to the community as Chairperson for Tungsten Fabric TSC, contributions to Linux Foundation Networking whitepaper, presentations at various DTF events and Solution showcases using integrated open source projects at various ONES events.

Chaitanya Kadiyala

Senior Product Marketing Manager