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Applying Cloud Native Principles to Wireless Networks

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about adopting a “cloud native” approach to mobile and wireless networking, especially with the transition to 5G. The general idea is that cloud native…

By Bruce Davie and Amar Padmanabhan on 15/12/2021

Control Planes Are More Than Signaling

From the beginning of the Magma project, it was clear to those of us on the that to easily and efficiently connect new user communities, we needed to reduce the complexity of managing and operating a…

By Bruce Davie and Amar Padmanabhan on 07/09/2021

The Future of the Network Edge

An explosion of devices will drive a transformation bigger than 5G As the internet continues to scale and evolve to connect billions of people and tens of billions of devices, it’s impressive to…

By Bruce Davie and Amar Padmanabhan on 29/06/2021

Software is Eating the Edge

It is hard to believe that Marc Andreessen’s famous is not yet ten years old. (It’s also hard to imagine someone saying “Today’s stock market actually hates technology” as Andreessen did in that…

By Bruce Davie and Amar Padmanabhan on 14/05/2021

MagmaML: Towards Automated Management for Low-resource 5G Cellular Network Deployments

Troubleshooting of cellular networks is contributing billions of dollars to the operational expenditure (OPEX) of mobile network operators (MNOs) every year. This process involves monitoring KPIs…

By Rahman Doost-Mohammady and Ashutosh Sabharwal on 29/03/2021

Open Infrastructure Foundation Magma Community Update 2021

is an open source software platform that delivers an open, flexible and extendable mobile network core solution. Magma’s mission is to connect the world to a faster network by enabling service…

By Kendall Waters on 29/01/2021